Baratak Standard Diecast

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The Baratak "Standard" or ST sized toy is a brick.  The head, arms, hands, legs, chest, abs (you get the picture), feet, etc.  are diecast.  It pretty much is ALL diecast.


So the essence of the toy is sculpted in metal and then highlighted with touches of red and an eye accent in blue.  -Perfection.  Please pardon the old file pictures.

Box art is a funky Takara style that pulls from drafting table grids and galaxy meshing. Although the toy is under 5" tall it packs a drill and pinchers, can pose well, and can roll on its back (vehicle mode).

Baratakfrt Baratang2 Baratbxbk1 Baratft 

Baratveh Baratak-Neon


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