Daikyozin by Uni Five

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by Uni-Five 2001, Part of Calendar Man


Note the lack of chroming.....BUT the addition of gold. Hmmm do we need that.

The wonderful sketch above was included with the set. I do think the redesigned head is quite a nice modification from the old design.

A comparison between old school (Takatoku) and the new school horses.

The old horse has the better looking face but a poor transformation mechanism. The head on the old toy must be pulled up and away from the neck to transform the toy for the "Centaur" mode. Transforming it back is a pain. You need about a 1 inch long fingernail.

Daik2hrs Daikdrall Daikdrhd Daiknbx

Daiknbxsd Daiknwhd

Daiknew Daiknhr Daiknins Daiknsty

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