Daimos DX

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Robot Truck Transformer from Popy Japan

Daimos-chstFor a long time in the American diecast collector scene Daimos loomed large and was a favorite son. Most knew the character from the Shogun Warriors line as a "Shogun Action Vehicle" or stiff non-transforming truck. Others knew Daimos' character as a polyethylene "Jumbo" toy, and then yet others knew of the Japanese anime character. Between these cracks in the collective mind fell this DX or deluxe transforming toy.

See Mattel, who brought us the Shogun Warriors toys and comics, chose not to import this deluxe robot in the late 1970's. Only later in 1984 / 1985 didBandai America take up this Toei licensed product and import this transforming toy. In Japan it was known as GA-85, General Daimos, from the kids TV show "Tosho Daimos". The anime could also be translated as "Battle Commander Daimos" or "Fighting military officer Daimos". The U.S. release was known as theGodaikin brand Daimos robot.

The Godaikin Daimos is a near identical re-release of the 1978 Popy Japan toy. It has chrome parts, a diecast chest and feet, then metal parts used throughout. The toy's tires are made of realistic rubber mounted on chrome rims. Detail and quality show up in every part of the robot.

Tranzer-sdOur space age truck transforms by flipping open cockpit hatches to reveal the head. Right and left sides of the trailer bed split open like a clam to reveal the chest and feet. Legs unfold and extend down to add height to the robot. Arms telescope out from inside the abdomen and fists get added on. Even plastic cars can escape from the feet, and then missile launchers can be folded out of each leg side. Additionally a yellow chest shield / sword hilt can be added onto the chest. It fits over the artistic twin chromed fan blades.

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