Daiojya Ohsha Gatti

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最強ロボ ダイオージャ (Japanese)

Daiojya or Daiohja represented quite an interesting toy concept.  Though the toy was a bit crude, it represented the first time (to the author's knowledge) that a transforming robot toy split down the middle.  Note the black spade robot.

Daiogabx Daiojhd 

Clover's DX Ohsha Gattai toy was an absolutely massive toy with its stout yellow wings and heavy diecast.  It succeeded in monster sizing the magnetic robot.  In fact the toy is almost as large as the Clover Zanbot, and on a par with Popy DX Voltes V.

This particular toy is inches larger than other incarnations of the Daiojya robot character.  Missiles fire, chest mantels swap, robots join using magnets, and then the set comes with Clover's traditional chrome accessories.  

Plot: Eden 1 rules over about 50 planets throughout the galaxy. With the aid of his two faithful retainers Duke Sukedo and Baron Kakusu, Prince Mito decides to undertake a royal inspection tour of the planets undercover. However, the empire is a dangerous place and is plagued with vice feudal lords and corrupt space merchants, as well as other evil people. Using the royal family's weapon, the combining robot Daiohja, Prince Mito punishes any kind of villains that are within Eden 1's empire.

 Daiog3 Daiogpls 

Daiogsty  Dioblk2

Note that stripped down versions of this toy reached the U.S. under the name Magnatron.

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