Dynaman Godaikin

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 Kagaku Sentai Dainaman  科学戦隊ダイナマン 1983

Early Sentai toys had a particular elegance with them, and Dynaman DX is spectacular.  The premise of the toy is that the team splits into a Tank vehicle, a space ship, and then a transporter.  In fact, on the surface you can see an evolution of the Goggle V design.


The airplane head is small and simple.  Press a yellow button on the back to eject it.  Then flip down the red visor to cover the eyes.  You get a wheeled plane.

The chest is so very very simple, yet super elegant and self contained.  Arms compress and then fold into the armpits to transform.  The top emblem can fold back to make the wedge shaped car body.  Then wheels spring load from the back to the car's undercarrage.  It is an amazing design and perfect for kids.

Legs split in half to form the large Dyna carrier.  The cab has extensive use of diecast and can turn like a real tractor trailer.  Legs can also reveal wider fold out tracks for carrying the main vehicles.

All in all, the Dynaman design has aged very well.  All parts worked perfectly 30 years later (wow), and the designs still seem intuitive today.  It is one of the few Godaikins that yearns to be played with and you don't feel that it will break.  Bandai and Popy engineers did well & it is also easy to appreciate all the aesthetics too. A+ for the Godaikin Dynaman DX.

Formal Vehicle Details:

Dyna Mach (ダイナマッハ Daina Mahha): Dyna Red's mecha. It is stored in the Dy Jupiter's top dome. It shoots arrowhead-shaped lasers. It forms the Dyna Robo's head. It is known as the Dyna Head in the parody.

Dyna Mobile (ダイナモビル Daina Mobiru): Dyna Black and Dyna Blue's mecha. It is stored in the Dy Jupiter's middle compartment, beneath the Dyna Mach, and uses the door for Dyna Garry's compartment as a ramp. It shoots missiles (Episode 43). It forms the Dyna Robo's body. 

Dyna Garry (ダイナギャリー Daina Gyarī): Dyna Yellow and Dyna Pink's mecha. It is stored in the Dy Jupiter's lowermost compartment, beneath the Dyna Mobile. It forms the Dyna Robo's legs.

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