GA-06 Robo Jr.

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GA-06 Vintage Chogokin from Japan

If there ever was a "geek robot" award then Robo Jr. would be the hands down winner. You may not have had a chance to watch the 1974 Mazinga cartoons, but this poor "kid" was always beat up on. The chogokin Robo Jr. was downright unpopular in the day (a whimpy kid), but a tough collectable to find. Time has made this a rare toy.

GA-06 features a ton of chogokin in a tiny little box. It is roughly 1/3 the box frontage as Gaiking or the equivalent of a very small men's wallet. The toy came with two metal bats, two plastic bats, and about 10 missiles that fire from the arms. The arm cannons are pretty unique in the diecast toy world.
Next, in typical Popy style, the toy featured some jazzy blue metal chip paint with glossy red accents. If you can get over the puppet like face then you'll recoginze the great toy beneath.

As a vintage robot collector my opinion has swung 180 degrees into a full reverse. There is something special about getting a toy never ment for fame. Robo Jr is so unhip, so un-cool, so kitch; a geek. Like an AMC Gremlin, we may not see such a "failure" resurface again.


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