GA-07 Mach Baron

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Super Robot Mach Baron (スーパーロボット マッハバロン Sūpā Robotto Mahha Baron) is a Japanese tokusatsu series that aired from October 7, 1974, to March 31, 1975.


It was a sequel to Super Robot Red Baron.

The Popy diecast is a gem of a toy and highly sought after.  To begin with the design features diecast legs, chest, as well as arms.  So there is no plastic there to be found.  Then the toy is set off with a brilliant glossy red and chromed out arms.  The head sculpt has a primitive, almost African art quality to it.

Mach Baron box art below is from the Jumbo Machinder toy and version 1.  The machinder's missiles were removed from the box art in later versions; imagine the poor kids complaining about false advertizing!

Mach-Baron-chogokin Mach-Baron-Popy-ft Mach-baron-popy

In the legs you get the mach car on one side (two were included in the original toy), then the chest features a dual missile launcher with pointed projectiles.  Both fists fire off for eye gouging fun.


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