GA-11 Liger

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Getter Robo Liger is from Getter Robo G (ゲッターロボG Gettā Robo), a super robot anime series created by Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa and produced by Toei Animation.

This direct sequel to Getter Robo was broadcast on Fuji TV from May 15, 1975 to March 25, 1976, with a total of 39 episodes (some episodes were rebroadcast, erroneously giving the impression that there were 43 episodes).

People familiar with Mattel's popular Shogun Warriors toy collection will remember all three of Getter Robo G's robot formations in that toy line: Getter Dragon (Dragun), Getter Liger (Raider) and Getter Poseidon (Poseidon). As a result of the popularity of these toys in the US, Jim Terry included this series in his Force Five anime lineup under the title of Starvengers.

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