GA-14RG Robocon Gold Reissue Edition

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Ganbare!! Robocon (がんばれ!!ロボコン Ganbare!! Robokon?, Do Your Best!! Robocon)

The original Robocon toy was released by Popy circa 1974.  In March of 1999 , Bandai reissued the toy in a standard red version and a gold version. 

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Here he is with his vintage pre-loved brother and also with his smaller brethren (The Chogokin and Gashapon):

GA-14_G_bros_s GA-14_G_family_s

Ganbare!! Robocon (がんばれ!!ロボコン Ganbare!! Robokon?, Do Your Best!! Robocon) was a Japanese television program created by Shotaro Ishinomori and produced by Toei. It ran for 118 episodes from October 4, 1974 to March 25, 1977 on NET TV (now known as TV Asahi). The series is rebooted in the 1999 series Moero!! Robocon (燃えろ!!ロボコン Moero!! Robokon?, Burn!! Robocon).

The story followed Robocon, a student of Gantz' Robot Academy who lives amongst humans and aids them as part of his studies. Though Robocon constantly makes mistakes, he make efforts to establish a good image for robots in the eyes of humans they cross paths with.

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