GB-14 Daidenjin DX

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This is the Popy Daidenjin deluxe toy.  This robot is from the sentai series Denjiman (or Denziman).  This is only the second sentai series to feature a giant robot (the first being Battle Fever J). 

Daidenjin_1_s Daidenjin_2_s Daidenjin_3_s 

The robot transforms into a spaceship.  To do this, the chest opens up to reveal a hidden cavity with the landing gear stowed away.  The landing gear is folded out and the head is rotated down.  The nosecone of the spaceship (on the back of the robot) lifts up.  The lower portions of the legs rotate out and up to the sides to cover the fists.  The feet rotate down to form the rear wheels, and red wings on the legs fold down.  Its a nice looking ship, and a missile can be fired from the nosecone.

Daidenjin_4_s Daidenjin_ship_s Daidenjin_ship_2_s Daidenjin_ship_comparison_s

The ship can dock in the Popy Big Scale Denzitiger.  More details on the Big Scale Denzitiger can be found in the gallery.


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