GC-20 Space Sheriff Shaider Vavilos DX by Popy

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This is the large transport vehicle from the show Space Sheriff Shaider. The spaceship transforms into a giant robot and also a missile-firing gun.  This toy was also released in the US under the Godaikin line in both this DX and an ST version. 

Vavilos_box_1_s Vavilos_box_2_s Vavilos_instruc_s

The original form is a giant spaceship.  My toy unfortunately has some yellowing.  The arms of the robot fold into the wings, as can be seen from the underside of the vehicle.  This toy is quite large, as can bee seen from this comparison with the Popy Rydoto from the Raideen series.

Vavilos_ship_1_s Vavilos_ship_2_s Vavilos_ship_3_s

This is the robot form of the toy.  A head fold out of the rear of the vehicle, arms come out of the wings, which rotate up and sideways.  The nose cone becomes the feet, and the legs separate.  A missile launcher is present in the chest of the robot.

Vavilos_bot_1a_s Vavilos_bot_2_s

From vehicle form, the wings fold down and a trigger is rotated out.  The nose cone flips up to reveal twin barrels of a gun.  The barrels can also be extended. 

Vavilos_gun_1_s Vavilos_gun_3_s Vavilos_gun_2_s

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