Golden Saucer Star Mites

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This is the super rare Golden Saucer toy issued under the Star Mites toy line.  This is from Series Two of the toy line.  Series One was made by Shinsei, and these "UFO Commander 7 Series" toys were issued in the USA as Star Mites toys.  Series Two was manufactured by Empire Toys, and they featured some new and crazy toy designs.  While some of the toys within this new series are pretty common (e.g., Mars, Thor, and Zeus), the rest are quite rare.  In all the years I've been looking for these, I have only seen this toy for sale a handful of times.  The design is similar to Blue Silver's (which was issued in Series One), but the coloring is different.  The graphics on the box depict the Blue Silver saucer, despite the name change on the front of the box. 

Gold_Saucer_box_s Gold_Saucer_box_2_s

Here's a comparison to the Series One Blue Silver saucer.

Gold_Saucer_comparison_s Gold_Saucer_comparison_bottom_s

Here you can see some other Series Two Star Mites rarities also in the Robot-Japan gallery.


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