Elintseeker VE-01 Valkyrie- Hi-Metal

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VE-1 Elintseeker (1/55 Valkyrie) (MCRS-B-03)

Here we have a unique design in the world of Macross Valkyrie toys. For a flicker of a moment Do You Remember Love (Robotech the anime move for us Americans) featured this awesome toy. I have always considered it a fascinating concept to take a USAF AWAX radar plane and turn it into a futuristic toy.

Bandai's Elintseeker has a unique head turret and radar dish design. Body armor is also unique as well as the flat gray colorations. Toy transformations are just like our standard Takatoku, or Bandai 1:55 scale toys. The toy also features a unique 2 seat cockpit design.

For those box art lovers, the outside art is done by Yuji Kaida. To me the artwork is phenomenal.

Bandai-Valkyrie Elintseeker-armor Elintseeker-VE-1 VE-1-Elintseeker-box_copy

Valkyrie-box-E.JPG Valkyrie-VE Valkyrie-Yuji-Kaida-art VE-1-Transformation

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