Jeeg - Magnemo Reissue by Takara

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This is the Jeeg reissue by Takara.  This figure is very similar to the original Jeeg toy made by Takara many years ago, and I believe that the only difference in the actual toy is foot markings.  The original toy was packaged in a styrofoam try, but this reissue is packaged in a plastic tray.  This toy is of exceptional quality and has a very nice heft to it.  The magnets are very strong!

Jeeg_box_1_s Jeeg_box_2_s Jeeg_carton_s Jeeg_robot_1_s Jeeg_robot_2_s


Because magnets are used in many parts, many combinations are possible.  Here are some as presented on the box.  In addition, the missile can be loaded on the arm similar to the fists.  In this mode, it can actual be fired.  It cannot be fired from the cannon that mounts on the back (presented in the first picture below).

Jeeg_robot_3_s Jeeg_robot_4_s Jeeg_robot_5_s Jeeg_robot_6_s

The toy also comes with a two-sided poster.

Jeeg_poster_1_s Jeeg_poster_2_s

Here are comparison shots of the three reissue toys.  Details regarding these other toys are presented in the galleries for the black version and transparent version.

Jeeg_boxes_s Jeeg_lineup_s

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