Jeeg - Transparent Magnemo Reissue by Takara

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This is the transparent Jeeg reissue by Takara.  This figure is very similar to the original Jeeg toy made by Takara many years ago, but it is in an interesting transparent color scheme.  This toy is of exceptional quality and has a very nice heft to it.  The magnets are very strong!  The toy also comes with a poster similar to one shown in the gallery for the regular Jeeg reissue.

Jeeg_transparent_box_s Jeeg_transparent_carton_s Jeeg_transparent_robot_1_s Jeeg_transparent_robot_2_s


Here are comparison shots of the three reissue toys.  Details regarding these other toys are presented in the galleries for the regular version and black version.  In addition, the regular version gallery includes photos of the toy in other configurations.

Jeeg_boxes_s Jeeg_lineup_s

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