King Dam Diabattles KO

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This is the King Dam knock-off of the Takara Diaclone Diabattles toy. Many KOs of this toy were manufactured, but this seems to be the most common one.  The quality on this toy are fantastic, with ample diecast content.  No manufacturing markings are present on the toy.

King_Dam_box_s King_Dam_box_2_s King_Dam_box_3_s

King_Dam_box_4_s King_Dam_styro_s

This is the combined robot form.  It features firing fists and also missile launchers on the shoulders.

King_Dam_bot_1_s King_Dam_bot_2_s

These are the three vehicle modes.  All three feature missile launchers and include seats for the Diaclone drivers.  Unfortunately, the drivers on this KO do not include the magnets on the feet that are found on the original Takara toy. 

King_Dam_vehicle_3_s King_Dam_vehicle_1_s King_Dam_vehicle_2_s

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