Laserion DX by Bandai

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Combat Armor Laserion by Bandai GC-17B


Laserion DX and Armor by Bandai toys (1984)


The GC-17B box is actually a sleeve that fits over the regular DX robot and special add-on armor.  The armor is reminiscent of Takatoku Valkyries from 1982.


It should be noted that many of the Laserion Godaikins that made it to the U.S. were quickly broken.  The hinges and joints did not fare well in shipping and quick movements.

As you can see from the pictures above, the green translucent endoskeleton can be removed from the robot.  At that point Laserion has a large degree of flexibility and can transform.

.. and do pushups!  The inner parts can make a ship or even smaller robot as pictured above.

Before armor and then after armor.


The combat armor adds four wrist mounted missile launchers, shoulder pads, a helmet, leg guards, and a blue accented chest plate.

I absolutely love the use of primary colors and chrome.....and then that special green

Radar dishes for those NASA communications.

Inside the head dome is a space ship and driver.  Over both of those parts is an armor shell.

Above is the DX Laserion without the armor set.  I must admit that this robot has aged very well and set itself apart from other robots in its unique design.  There are countless transformations that can be performed.

laserJbox17b lasjabxs1 lasjchst.JPG

lasjabxsty lasjarma.JPG lasjarmbk.JPG lasjarmoraa.JPG

lasjarmup.JPG lasjbxarm lasjbxins.JPG Lasjbxreg.JPG

lasjbxsdgr.JPG lasjbxsmn  lasjbxsdgr.JPG

lasjbxstras.JPG lasjbxsty 

lasjchst.JPG lasjweap


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