GA-01 Mazinger Z by Banpresto

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This is a replica of the Popy original-design Mazinger Z toy.  It was made by Banpresto circa 1999 using a different, new mold than the original Popy toy.  

The box is a simple, tall box with just foam to protect the toy.

Ban_Maz_box_1_s Ban_Maz_box_2_s

The toy comes with two different sets of fists, and the chest plate lowers to reveal missile firing launchers.  The toy is about the same size as the restyled later-edition Popy Mazinger Z.  Also pictured is the smaller version released under The Chogokin line.  This smaller toy is true to the design of the original Popy toy, and from this comparison, you can see the differences in the mold between the Popy design and the Banpresto release.  

Ban_Maz_toy_1_s Ban_Maz_toy_2_s Ban_Maz_toy_3_s 

Ban_Maz_toy_4_s Ban_Maz_toy_5_s

Ban_Maz_parts_s Ban_Maz_lineup_s

On a final note, Banpresto also released a black version of this toy.  

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