Okawarimecha DX Mechanism

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This is the Taiwan version of Bandai's Okawarimecha from Okarawi-Boy Starzan S.  This version is called the DX Mechanism, Super Change Animal set.  Its a battery operated toy that can change into a variety of animal forms with parts swapping.  My version is shrink-wrapped, so I can't show combined forms here.  However, check this link for the original Bandai version with the animal forms.

Starzans_box_1_s Starzans_box_4_s Starzans_box_5_s

Starzans_box_2_s Starzans_box_3_s

Starzans_box_6_s Starzans_box_7_s Starzans_box_8_s

Starzans_box_9_s Starzans_box_11_s Starzans_box_10_s

In addition, Bandai released another version of this toy with less animal forms.  See here for details

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