PA-34 Great Mazinger Scientific Fortress Base

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Great Mazinger's base, the "Scientific Fortress Base" is a toy that most may not understand.  Myself, I love it and relish the oddness and unique design.


For one, this is a toy with Rocks!  Yes, nothing like vintage rocks, LOL, but behind the rocks is space for hidden Great Mazinger accessories.  A secret door hides parts behind the door.  Then there is just something to having a rope bridge (a-la-plastic).

Then the base itself is a diecast anchor on metal wheels.  PA-32 is super heavy and uses a bit of plastic in the telescoping tower to good use.  Most everything white is diecast.  Graphics are hidden beneath a clear window.

Mazinger can fire up from a pretend hidden door.  Missiles fire from the toy front.

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