Robot Toy Auction at Morphy's Sept 23rd, 2016

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Please put your wife and wallet on notice that the Great Robot Roundup of 2016 will be happening at Morphy's Auction house September 23rd and 24th, 2016.  This year's luscious linup will include Mekanda Robo DX in both a diecast and jumbo form as well as an extensive jumbo and AFA Transformers lineup.

Be sure to register for online bidding early, also consider requesting an agent and calling in for quick final (hopefully winning) bids.  Call or review for details.

We may just see a new record set for the stelalr AFA 90 Lancia "MarlboroJack" Diaclone.  It is arguably in the best condition in the entire world and came from a sealed box, directly to AFA.

Top Tier Mekanda Robo toys will sprinkle into the auction a dose of spectacular rarity.   This will be the first time Mekanda Robo "Technical Gasshin" set will be offered by Morphy Auctions.  Seinor Robo was once the stuff of legends for U.S. collectors, as all previous examples found were either loose or individually boxed.  This set is complete and near mint in box.  The jumbo form may reach new heights as it is in excellent orignal condition, but complimented with a reproduction box and minor items to make the set complete.

There will be a tin Oba-Q Taro boat from 60's quirky manga goodness.  The litho is incredible and quite large in person.  It comes with the original box.  Another featured tin is an early 1930's tin Air Travel windup with original box.  Only one other has been documented by this collector, and it didn't come with a box like this prime example.  They both make motor sounds when wound up.

More highlights include Takatoku's Big Dai X, Popy toys Combattra (Godaikin box), and Minty GA-01 Mazinga Z.

Join collectors in person in Denver, PA if time permits.  Robot enthusiasts and other toy collectors will be in attendance.


Auction Details here (Be sure to click/filter on the Japanese toy link after viewing the online catalog):