Scorponok Energon Leader Class

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Scorponok Energon Leader Class



Energon Scorponok transforms into a modern scorpion from a distant place. He has two articulated, scorpion pincer-shaped bucket scoops on two articulated arms along with a scorpion stinger-shaped crane hook on the end of a scorpion tail-shaped arm.

The tail also has  sound effects that are set off whenever somebody moves the tail.  Also on his tail are two buttons, a button that makes "tread" noises, and one that changes the noise of the tail-gun to that of a crane. Of interest (and to reinforce the fact he is a scorpion-shaped construction vehicle thing) are a set of two translucent yellow arachnid-type legs behind each vehicle caterpillar track.

The vehicle is also armed with  double laser cannons behind each tread, two translucent yellow laser cannons either side of his cockpit, and two flip-out laser cannons on the end of his crane arm, which are activated by pushing the small cockpit-shaped device (which also has a Mini-con Powerlinx port) backwards. Doing this also makes a machine gun noise. Inside his bucket scoops are two spring-loaded missile launchers in translucent housings. The right pincer houses his spark crystal while the left has another Mini-Con Powerlinx port.

Scorponok can also transform into an non-aerodynamic space fighter mode, with his crane arm serving as the nose, the tiny, translucent spikes on his pincer-shaped bucket scoops acting as the wing tips, and the turbines on his ankles becoming the engines. -TFWiki

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