Daikengo Buildplan

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Takatoku Buildplan  (1978-07-27 to 1979-02-15)


Daikengo's plot-- Giant robot Daikengo flies through space to re-establish galactic peace.  On-board prince Ryger, who ran away from his planet Emperius, woks to defeat the menace and save his people.  Cleo, corrupted prime minister's daughter, helps him along with two nice little robots, Anike and Otoke.

Daikengo-Buildplan-robot Daikengo-DX-Boxins

They fight evil Lady Baracross, leading invasion forces, with her assistant Roboleon, wearing a Napoleon style hat. Daikengo is the first robot with small openings in his mouth. When he opens them, his vampyre style teeth are shown and he can spit fire.


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