Tentakill by Go Hero

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Tenta-kill-skyGIANT has returned to Giant Monster. Tentikill, the foe of our robot hero Mechabot, has come to live in an insanely huge purple vinyl. Check out the scale of the toy as compared to Mechabot. It's the size of a small Maltese dog!

The toy is roughly 10 inches in height by 12 inches in length. Each foot is articulated and can pivot at the "hip" if you will. Note the great paint application and spooky one eyed stare of evil.

Production is slated to be just 500 and may include a few exclusive paint jobs. There are no plans now to release more Tentikill toys.


There are mysteries hidden in our world that are yet to be seen. Deep sea explorers have only charted 1% of the ocean floor. Every time they dare the depths, new species of life are discovered. In these dar waters there are creatures that man have feared since ancient times. Tentikill is on of the "Sons of the Leviathan.....a Kraken"

Maker Steve Forde is currently working on an animation to depict the origins of Tentikill along with another upcoming foe Nemo.

We can't wait for more Go Hero monsters & robots!


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