Walker Garrier DX by Clover (Xabungle series)

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This is the deluxe version of Walker Garrier from the Xabungle series. Unfortunately, mine is missing the fists and guns. 

Walker_Garrier_DX_box_1_s Walker_Garrier_DX_box_2_s Walker_Garrier_DX_box_3_s Walker_Garrier_DX_styro_s

Walker_Garrier_DX_instr_1_s Walker_Garrier_DX_instr_2_s Walker_Garrier_DX_instr_3_s

Here is the robot.  A missile launcher mounts to the shoulders.

Walker_Garrier_DX_bot_1_s Walker_Garrier_DX_bot_2_s

Here is a comparison shot with a bootleg standard sized toy of this robot.


These are the vehicle forms.  The arms and head combine with the round accessory to form one vehicle.  Three wheel attachments are used for this vehicle. 

Walker_Garrier_DX_vehicle_1_s Walker_Garrier_DX_vehicle_4_s

The legs form a second vehicle.

Walker_Garrier_DX_vehicle_5_s Walker_Garrier_DX_vehicle_6_s

What is especially cool about this toy is that it comes with pilots that fit into the head cockpit of the robot.  Several different pilot molds come with the toy. 

Walker_Garrier_DX_vehicle_2_s Walker_Garrier_DX_vehicle_3_s Walker_Garrier_DX_pilots_s



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