Xabungle Astrobot Taiwan KO

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This is the Taiwan bootleg version of the Clover Xabungle DX toy.  Like the original Japanese toy, this one can transform into several modes.  Also, it has a ton of diecast.  However, there are definite differences.  The missile launchers were removed, and the fists don't fire.  I'm sure there are other differences too, besides stickers.

Unfortunately, mine is missing one part for transformation purposes. 

Astrobot_box_1_s Astrobot_box_2_s Astrobot_styro_s

Astrobot_bot_1_s Astrobot_bot_2_s

Here is a size comparison to the standard sized Clover Xabungle toy. The quality of the Clover toy is apparent when you look in the chest cavity.

Astrobot_bot_compare_1_s Astrobot_bot_compare_2_s

Here are two of the three vehicle modes.  Because of my missing piece, I cannot fully form the third vehicle. 

Astrobot_vehicle_1_s Astrobot_vehicle_2_s

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